Capture a Vista Windows image using Reverse Integration

Install WAIK

Having a Windows Vista install DVD with the latest service packs can be very helpful - especially if you reinstall Windows more than a couple of times a year or if you have to deploy Windows Vista to multiple computers. Alan Norton shows how he creates one - just follow these steps.

You can get an in-depth description of these steps in the TechRepublic Microsoft Windows Blog or in the corresponding free TechRepublic Download.

Install the Windows Automated Installation Kit (WAIK)

Download and install a disk burning utility capable of burning ISO files if needed.

Download the WAIK ISO file and burn the WAIK ISO to a DVD. Run the startcd.exe program on the DVD and select Windows AIK Setup from the Welcome to Windows Automated Installation Kit window. The installation is large. Install to a non-system logical drive if possible.

Images by Alan Norton for TechRepublic

By Alan Norton

Alan Norton began using PCs in 1981, when they were called microcomputers. He has worked at companies like Hughes Aircraft and CSC, where he developed client/server-based applications. Alan is currently semi-retired and starting a new career as a wri...