CES 2022: 15 weird products you'll find in Las Vegas this week

Welcome to the tech industry's 2022 kickoff

CES: The tech industry's chance to show its greatest new products, demonstrate its latest promising innovations, take the pulse of the entire tech world … and see what sort of mad science is going on at the extremities. 

No visit to CES, virtual or otherwise, would be complete without a [virtual] ramble through the exhibit halls to find tech products that will change the world, and those that you'll probably never hear about again. 

Not all of the 15 CES innovations featured here fall into the latter category: Some are practical, if not a bit odd. Others, like many CES innovations before them, fail to really address the need they're designed to in a practical manner. That, or they are utterly and completely pointless. 

Image: Getty/picture alliance

By Brandon Vigliarolo

Brandon is a Staff Writer for TechRepublic. He's an award-winning feature and how-to writer who previously worked as an IT professional and served as an MP in the US Army.