Cheap Raspberry Pi alternatives: 20 computers that cost less than the Pi 3

The cheapest computers available

On its release in 2012, the $35 Raspberry Pi showed just how much computer you could get for a bargain-basement price.

But the cost of single-board computers has just kept dropping, with the Raspberry Pi Foundation releasing the tiny Pi Zero for just $5.

Today the Zero is one of several computers with a single-digit price tag, and if you're looking for a cheap as chips board you're spoiled for choice.

These are the single-board computers that you can pick up for less than a price of the $35 Pi 3.

One thing to bear in mind is that the cheapest offerings lack many of the features of the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B, and have more in common with the $5/$10 Raspberry Pi Zero.

Even the more expensive boards are at somewhat of a disadvantage compared to the Pi range, lacking their breadth of stable software, tutorials and community support.

Image: Matt Richardson mrichardson23@gmail.com

By Nick Heath

Nick Heath is chief reporter for TechRepublic. He writes about the technology that IT decision makers need to know about, and the latest happenings in the European tech scene.