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CommunicAsia2008: Product Gallery

3D Earth

CommunicAsia is actually a number of events in one, involving BroadcastAsia, EnterpriseIT and InteractiveDME as well as the CGOverdrive and imbX Ministerial Forum.

I took two days and toured the exhibition halls for CommunicAsia and EnterpriseITAsia, which exhibitors showcased technologies that answer to the communications and IT needs of the enterprise.

In this gallery, I walk you through some of the products that caught my attention. Hopefully, some of them will be of help to you.

Honestly, I had some problems communicating with the Korean developers here, who speak in halting English. From what I can gather however, their software was developed over a period of three years by a team of five. By using only satellite imagery - probably from slightly different angles, their software is able to compute the height of the buildings as well as automatically stitch together whatever 2D photographs of the area are available.

The result is a coherent 3D landscape that is fully rotateable and that looks really impressive.

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