Computer mouse evolution: Patent designs from the 1970s and 1980s

X-Y Position Indicator For A Display System

U.S. Patent number: 3,541,541
Filed: Jun 21, 1967
Issued: Nov 1970
Inventor: Douglas C. Engelbart
Assignee: Stanford Research Institute

Although the commercial mouse wouldn't make its debut until 1981, the venerable pointing device began its life much earlier. In 1967, Douglas C. Engelbart filed a patent for a device he called an "X-Y Position Indicator For A Display System."

The patent describes the devices as follows:

"An X-Y position indicator control for movement by the hand over any surface to move a cursor over the display on a cathode ray tube, the indicators control generating signals indicating its position to cause a cursor to be displayed on the tube at the corresponding position."

Image taken from U.S. Patent 3,541,541 - Digitized by Google

By Bill Detwiler

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