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Computex 2010: It's just bizarre

Last week's Computex 2010 from Taiwan had just about everything: protests, strange costumes, and lots of booth babes. It also had the latest technology, of course.

Given the enthusiasm over Apple's iPad you would expect the event to be positively groaning under the weight of tablets — it wasn't. While Asus announced three new models and Intel showed off its new tablet designs behind closed doors, they were actually quite hard to find on the show floor.

Also, though 3D was on display, we didn't think it was as big a deal as in previous trade shows, but we did see our first 3D consumer camera, and gee does the technology scare us.

Read on for some of the high and lowlights of this year's event. Starting with this sheepish-looking guy...

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Photos and captions: Ty Pendlebury,