Photos: Cracking Open the Apple Pencil

Apple Pencil teardown

Released alongside the iPad Pro, the Apple Pencil let's you draw, take notes, mark up documents, annotate photos and do basically anything you can do with a traditional pencil. It's also an excellent precision input device for the iPad Pro, and makes it easy to select small menu items or finely adjust app controls.

Included with the Pencil, is a spare tip, as well as a Lightning-to-Lightning adapter that lets you charge the pencil with a regular iPad or iPhone charger.

In this TechRepublic teardown gallery, I walk you through the process of cracking open the Pencil and show you the tiny tech inside.

To watch a video of the teardown and read my full analysis, check out my article, Cracking Open: Apple Pencil is powered by amazingly tiny tech.

Chris McElhone/TechRepublic

By Bill Detwiler

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