Cracking Open the Tungsten E2 Palm PDA

In its Glory

I was saddened when I discovered that my old pal the Tungsten E2 would no longer take a charge. I must not have been TOO saddened, because it was a good excuse to go upgrade my cell phone to an MDA, which I happily did. You can see the fate of my now retired HTC T-Mobile MDA here.

I really did like my palm, and I foolishly believed that the case was made of aluminum, or some other alloy. It makes you feel like a MAN when your PDA is made of metal - yes it does. I also liked the feel of the stylus - heavy and substantial in your hand.
br> I bought a wi-fi (SD slot) card for it (this would have been at least 3 years ago), and had a ball testing different connectivity configurations, playing with VPN software, etc. I will say that I was overall not very satisfied with the browser performance, however. I believe it was the Blazer browser.

The Audio on the unit was excellent as well, and as I said, I was a bit disheartened by the fact that the battery died off so quickly. Replacement batteries are easier to come by now, and more affordable than I recall they were then. I found a nice one on eBay for about $15. I checked the local "Every Battery in the World" shop, and they had one for $39.99 - thus my eBay purchase.

There appears to be - or to HAVE been a Linux on the Tungsten project, which I may persue once my Tungsten is back up again. A link to the aged but still seemingly relative "Linux for Tungsten" site is here Linux on the Palm Tungsten E

I thought it would be a good time to Crack 'er open, while I was replacing the battery, and so here you are -

Here is our specimen sans power. To the right the blessed hammer of Palm shorthand, the stylus.

Photos by Drew McBee for © TechRepublic