Crowdfunding triumphs: 11 runaway successes

Nikola Tesla Museum

In 2012, Matthew Inman from The Oatmeal, a web comic site, started an Indiegogo campaign to build a Nikola Tesla museum and science center to honor the late engineer and save the site of the Wardenclyffe Tower, which was demolished in 1917. He raised more than $1 million in nine days to create a "Goddamn Tesla Museum." New York state also matched the donations, pushing the campaign over $2 million. Then this month, Elon Musk donated $1 million to get it off the ground.

Image: Matthew Inman/The Oatmeal

By Lyndsey Gilpin

Lyndsey Gilpin is a former Staff Writer for TechRepublic, covering sustainability and entrepreneurship. She's co-author of the book Follow the Geeks.