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Dinosaur Sightings: MicroPro International application suite

In my "Take a visual tour of the Kaypro 16/2 computer" gallery I told you that the software package included MS-DOS 2.11 and the MicroPro application suite. The software came on eleven 5 ¼ -inch 360K floppy disks which were stored in a nifty little hard plastic case.

The complete Kaypro 16/2 software package included:

MS-DOS 2.11 - The operating system.
GW-BASIC - A BASIC interpreter
MITE - A modem communications program.
MicroPro Tutors - A set of tutorials.
WordStar - A word processing application.
CalcStar - A spreadsheet application
InfoStar/DataStar - A database application.
Starburst - A menu building tool.

Seymour Ivan Rubinstein left his position as director of marketing at IMSAI, a computer manufacturer that produced the main competitor to the Altair 8800, and founded MicroPro International in 1978.

MicroPro went on to become one of the major software companies of the early 1980's. By 1989, the character-based DOS software platform was losing ground to graphical interface of Windows and OS/2, and MicroPro changed its name to WordStar International, to better align the company with its flagship product. In 1994, WordStar International merged with two other companies: Spinnaker Software Corporation and SoftKey Software Products to form SoftKey International.

By Greg Shultz

Greg Shultz is a freelance Technical Writer. Previously, he has worked as Documentation Specialist in the software industry, a Technical Support Specialist in educational industry, and a Technical Journalist in the computer publishing industry.