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Dinosaur Sightings: SPARCstation Collection

SPARCstation 1

John Dunn has worked with computers for nearly 25 years. During that time, he has amassed a substantial and eclectic collection of machines, which started with a Xerox CP/M based system. Despite owning a string of PC clones, John's numerous SPARCstations hold a special place in his collection. This gallery showcases the 17 Sun Microsystems computers that John owns.

The first of Sun's "pizza boxes," this was my first SPARCstation. I purchased it in 1990 for slightly more than a decent compact car. If you look around on eBay you might find a similar machine today for about $15. Nevertheless, this was a great machine and served me well until 1996 when it was retired to the old Sun shelf in my basement crawlspace.

Submitted by John Dunn

By Bill Detwiler

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