Five Apps: Create a better desktop with these free app launchers

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I cannot tell you how many desktops I see during the day awash in icons. How end users manage to get anything done is amazing. When I have to work on one of those desktops, I wind up having to scan through the multitude of icons to get anything done. For those clients, I tend to recommend third-party launchers – at least to get their application shortcuts set in such a way that the software they need to use can be quickly launched – or at least better organized.

This blog post is also available as a TechRepublic Screenshot Gallery.

Though many may scoff at the idea of adding launchers to the Windows 7 desktop – it's actually quite remarkable how much more efficiently you can work with multiple means of launching a tool. I've found five different launchers that I think fit the bill perfectly. Everything from an OSX Dock-like tool to popup-type launchers. Let's take a look and see if, at least, one of these will entice you into the land of launchers.

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