Five apps for managing MySQL from Windows

MySQL Workbench 1

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MySQL is one of the most popular database servers on the planet. It's free, open source, and as powerful as any other database around. MySQL is also cross-platform; and, like with Linux, there is no built-in GUI tool for Windows. However, that's not really an issue because there are plenty of GUI tools available that can manage your MySQL database – even from the Windows environment. These tools can connect to both local and remote databases; so it doesn't matter of your MySQL server is on the Windows machine or a Linux server.

I have found five outstanding MySQL managers for you to examine. Of these five, you will certainly find one that will help you manage all aspects of your MySQL databases.

Five apps

1. MySQL Workbench

MySQL Workbench is the de facto standard for MySQL database management. This particular tool is ideal for DBAS to aid with: Database Design & Modeling, SQL Development (replacing MySQL Query Browser), and Database Administration (replacing MySQL Administrator).

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