Five Apps: Free security add-ons for Firefox

Five free Firefox add-ons for the security conscious user

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If you are a serious browser/user of the web, you know Mozilla Firefox is tops when it comes to remaining secure. But even Firefox is not perfect. There are always ways to improve the already outstanding security in the open source browser with add-ons. The Firefox add-on library is massive and includes nearly any additional feature you could want. Included in the library is an ever-growing number of security add-ons. For those that do not want to wade through the tide of installable features, I have brought together five of my favorite security add-ons for Firefox. With these five added features, you should find that Firefox will meet your highest security standards (within reason of course).

Each of these add-ons are free and can be found (and installed) from Firefox's add-ons manager.

By Jack Wallen

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