Five Apps: Note-taking add-ons for Firefox

Firefox note-taking add-ons

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There are times when you just need to quickly take a note, jotting down something you need to do or a thought that pops into your head that you don't want to forget. Sure, you could open up a text editor or even text yourself that forgettable notion. But when you're already working within an application that offers the power of adding easy note-taking features, why not take advantage of it?

Firefox is just that. With its powerful add-on system, you can include note-taking to the already long list of things Firefox do. 

I have found five solid note-taking add-ons for you to try. Each offers the very basic feature of allowing you to take notes, while some offer just a little bit more to entice you into usage. Let's see which one suits your needs best.

By Jack Wallen

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