Five apps to help you mine valuable information from big data

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Editor's note: Big data is a hot topic in information technology circles these days, but it continues to be an elusive concept for many. In the first entry in the TechRepublic Big Data Blog, John Weathington defines big data with these base principles:

"Big data is the massive amount of rapidly moving and freely available data that potentially serves a valuable and unique need in the marketplace, but is extremely expensive and difficult to mine by traditional means."

The "difficult to mine" part of that definition is the part Brien Posey is addressing with his list of five apps that you can use to mine valuable information from the big data being produced by your organization.

Five Apps

1. Email2DB

Email2DB is a data mining utility that is designed to extract information from E-mail messages and then use the extracted data to update a database.

This application has a number of different uses. One potential use is to compile a database of potential customers by analyzing E-mail messages that have been sent to your organization. The really nice thing about this application is that it allows you to specify triggers and actions. This makes it possible for the software to not only extract data from E-mail messages, but also to react to the contents of the message. These abilities could be used to manage mailing list memberships or even to respond to E-mail based orders.

Credit: Images by Brien Posey for TechRepublic