Five Apps: Ways to unplug for the holidays

It's the holidays.... unplug!

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Technology is a wonderful thing. After all, this article is being written on a computer in Massachusetts, and you might be reading it on a tablet in New Zealand. If you like it, maybe you'll tweet it to followers who span continents. Technology has enabled us to connect with each other across the globe and talk as if we were in the same room.

Paradoxically, technology can also make connecting to those in the same room more difficult -- hard enough that our family and friends on the couch right next to us may as well be across the globe. Tech addiction is a very real thing, with people paying hundreds of dollars to attend tech-free camps.

So, going into the holiday season, what's the best way to unplug from work and Twitter long enough to reconnect with the world immediately around you? Here are five hair-of-the-dog solutions (much cheaper than camp!) to prevent your work email from interfering with your holiday dinners this year.