Five best of breed cloud sync apps

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The cloud is the limit - at least for the moment. Along with the cloud comes the ability to sync your data between desktops. This service allows a much more seamless flow of work between home and business, home computers, desktops, and mobiles, and much more. But no matter what you're syncing, it all starts with the desktop and the syncing app. Some of the apps, associated with cloud sync, are much better than others.

With so many cloud sync apps available, which should you be looking toward for your solution? I have rounded up those that I consider to be the best of breed. Some of these services are best suited for business and some for personal, but all can be used for either. Each offers something unique as well as upgrade plans to give you as much sync space as you need.

Credit: Images by Jack Wallen for TechRepublic

By Jack Wallen

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