Five SSH-ready clients for Windows and UNIX


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Every IT admin I know depends upon a secure shell at some point. It's the single best way to remotely administer a Linux or UNIX-based server. Secure shell allows you shell access to your servers, without the concern for transmitting plain-text passwords. Of course, shell access isn't limited to UNIX-like servers. Even Windows machines can run a secure shell server.

But what about gaining access to those secure shell-enabled servers? What is the best method? Well, that all depends - do you like the command line, or do you like a nice GUI tool? The good news, you can have them both. In fact, I have found five of the best SSH-ready clients. All of these clients are free and very easy to use. You'll find clients for both Windows and Linux.

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1. PuTTY

PuTTY is probably the single most popular secure shell client for the Windows platform. It's incredibly easy to use, allows for the saving of profiles, and can be used as a portable tool.

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By Jack Wallen

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