Five virtual appliances useful for business

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The virtual appliance is one of those tools that not a lot of businesses are taking advantage of - though they should be. Not only do virtual appliances make it easy to get a specific system up and running, they allow this to be done in a cost effective and reliable way. Simply download the virtual appliance suited for your virtualization technology, boot it up and you are ready to go. In some cases you can run the appliance continually from the "live" appliance. In other cases you can do a complete virtual installation and have a permanent virtual system. Either way, the road to success is quick and painless.

I have found five virtual appliances perfectly suited for business. Each of them offers a powerful solution to a 'common problem'.

Five apps

1. Lampstack

Who doesn't need a LAMP server? We're talking Linux Apache MySQL PHP. Although to most the installation of a LAMP server is a no brainer (install Linux and then run a single command to install the rest), some don't want to have to bother getting the operating system installed and then deal with the possibility of dependency issues.

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