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Use IFTTT to power IoT

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The the scale of the Internet of Things is mind boggling. With several billion connected devices in the market IoT is poised to be one of the biggest and most disruptive innovations of this young century. In 2014 the International Data Corporation reported that the IoT market would inflate to $7.1 trillion by 2020. Cisco anticipates 50 billion global IoT devices by 2020, and General Electric expects that by 2030 the total industrial connected device market will exceed $60 trillion.

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IFTTT brings the mind-boggling potential of IoT down to human scale. An acronym for 'if this then that,' IFTTT is an automation service that integrates hundreds of web services, mobile applications, and hardware devices. Developers use the IFTTT API to create applets, single-purpose lines of code that tether services together. Users then add "ingredients," custom code and other elements, to create personalized triggers and actions. For example, IFTTT can automatically post a log of fitness data in Google Docs, adjust the thermostat, and start the laundry.

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The platform is a good barometer of IoT growth, and IFTTT is working with large hardware vendors to integrate actions and triggers with industrial machines and enterprise services. IoT services on IFTTT have hit an inflection point. Wemo Switch, a smart home power plug, joined in 2012, Fitbit in 2014, Amazon Alexa in 2015, and last year Tesla's Eve dashboard integrated with IFTTT.

IFTTT is both simple and powerful. These are 10 of the top IoT services available on the platform.

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Image: IFTTT

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