Gallery: 10 free apps that make your smartphone a mobile scanner

Genius Scan

There are quite a few portable scanner apps available for iOS and Android devices, but how do they all stack up? Here are 10 free ones that do the basics and a look at what makes them different from their competitors.

First is Genius Scan. Like all the other apps featured in this gallery you simply point your camera at a document and tap the onscreen shutter button. Once you take a photo you can manually crop the document. Genius Scan then adjusts the perspective so that the document is even.

The best thing about the manual crop is the small magnifying glass that pops up, allowing you to get pinpoint accuracy at the corners of the document. There are also a whole bunch of export options available without in-app purchases, which makes Genius Scan a valuable app.

Check out Genius Scan on iOS and Android.

TechRepublic/Brandon Vigliarolo

By Brandon Vigliarolo

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