Gallery: 10 useful Android apps


Fancy loading your Android phone up with some cool apps? So did's Natasha Lomas - and over the next 10 pages you can find more info on the ones she liked.

Being handy is the watchword of this app which makes the bold boast to let you "Get a cab. Anywhere". And that's pretty much it in a nutshell. Tell it your location, scroll around a map and pinpoint where you are (or let it use GPS to find out) and Cab4Me brings up a list of user-rated cab companies in the locale, furnishing you with phone numbers and other useful details such as payment methods accepted and service hours. Automatic cab ordering is planned for later versions of the app where you won't even have to speak to the cab company but just send them your location and destination data instead.

Image credit: Skycoders/Cab4Me