Gallery: 13 top IFTTT applets for small business

IFTTT Applets for Small Business

Startup dreams are often tempered with the responsibility of refining the product, generating leads, invoicing clients, running email and social media campaigns, and managing team members. For many small business owners time is literally money, and tools that increase efficiency are invaluable.

The mobile and web service IFTTT--an acronym for If This Then That--can automate many time-intensive business chores. IFTTT integrates with hundreds of other networked services, from social media sites like Instagram and Twitter to hardware and IoT manufacturers like Fitbit and Philips. Developer-created "applets," the company said in a statement, "bring services together to create new experiences," like automatically brewing a pot of coffee when you wake up or maintaining a log of product sales.

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Founded in 2010, for several years IFTTT was little more than a novel way to cross-post social media links. Last year, after a pivot that put the service at the core of the IoT and smart home market, IFTTT hit an inflection point and both business and consumer users skyrocketed. The service now powers over 15 million applets and last year alone added 326,000 additional smart home devices.

IFTTT is also a great way to manage small but important business chores, like documenting customer lists, pruning spreadsheets, and managing small teams. These are 13 of the top small business services available on the platform.

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