Gallery: 20 top Android apps for business users


BlackBerrys were once the go-to phone for businesspeople. Now, there's a far more diverse range of handsets in the pockets and briefcases of enterprise users, and Android devices are making up an increasing proportion of them. has rounded up the top 20 applications to make your Android mobile the executive assistant you've always wanted. Just don't expect it to pick up your dry-cleaning.


Business cards - always useful, always impossible to find when you need them. Here's an app that takes the pain out of keeping up to date with your contacts: take a picture of a business card using CamCard and the info is automatically added to your contacts list. The app also allows contact details to be saved to Gmail or Exchange - a handy feature for the consummate networker.

CamCard can also generate and recognize QR codes and export Excel files.

Image: IntSig Information/CamCard

Captions: Shelley Portet,