After Hours

Gallery: Take an exciting tour of Google's art collection

I could never be accused of being a connoseur of art but Google's new site called the Art Project certainly caught my interest. The Art Project puts Google's Street View technology to good use in capturing more than 1,000 works of art from more than 400 artists - featured in 17 of the top museums in the world. The tools that allow you to explore the art and the museums in great detail are what makes the site pretty amazing.

Here, is an example of the zoom tool. Jan van Huysum's (1701-1749) "Still Life with Flowers and Fruit" can be found at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. If you zoom in as soon as the page loads, you'll be in for this surprise - an infested painting. The fly, the ant, and even the cherub/baby may not be noticable at the distance you see a painting from a gallery but the Google zoom tool shows the amazing detail. Did they pose or maybe just flew in while the painting was being photographed? More on the zoom later.