Gallery: Top 10 iPad accessories

Apple's iPad is becoming a familiar feature of business life with organizations increasingly deciding to equip their staff with a tablet device. Always on hand to help,'s Shelley Portlet tracked down the 10 most useful iPad accessories for businesses to help users get the most out of the iPad.

First up is iPad Hut's 5-in-1 iPad Camera Connection Kit, which allows the iPad to connect with a range of different devices including digital cameras, TVs and monitors.

The adaptor has five ports including a USB port, SD card port, microSD card port, 3.5mm DC port and mini USB port, as well as AV leads - allowing you to connect your tablet to other hardware or sideload documents and presentations from all those memory cards and USB sticks knocking around in your bag.

Photo: iPad Hut

Captions: Shelley Portet,

By Sonja Thompson

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