Google Goodies: iGoogle personalized homepage

Google Home

By: Anthony Sullivan

This is the first of a series of content pieces covering the many offerings from Google, the search engine powerhouse turned Internet application service provider. Google has an unbelievable number of services that you might not know you need just yet. We hope this gallery series will help sort the bewildering array of offerings and identify the most useful services. Don't worry, most of it is useful.

The first mini-product that I'll be reviewing is the iGoogle personalized homepage service. This is a personalized homepage that allows you to add your own custom content as well as hundreds of canned modules, not to mention giving you quick access to the Google search engine that you probably use everyday anyway.

I'll cover the good and the bad and tell you how this service compares to competitive services that are out there.

I'm sure you recognize this, but in case you've lived under a rock for the past decade, this is the Google search engine homepage. Many people have been coming here for years and haven't noticed the addition of a couple of links in the upper right hand corner. Clicking the iGoogle will get you started on your way to your own personalized homepage.