How Many Floppy Disks Would It Take To Equal 1 Gigabyte?


As you may know, in addition to coming on a CD, Windows 95 and 98 also were available on floppy disks.

Windows 95 came on 1.44 MB floppy disks as well as a special high density floppy disk format, called the Distribution Media Format (DMF), developed by Microsoft for the installation of their products. The DMF disks were formatted at 1.68 MB. Windows 98 only came on the DMF floppy disks.

Windows 95 came on 21 1.44 MB floppy disks and 13 1.68 MB DMF floppy disks and Windows 98 came on 38 1.68 MB DMF floppy disks.

Just for comparison, it is interesting to note that Windows 3.0 came on five 1.2 MB floppy disks.

So, what if Windows 7 shipped on floppy disks?

Image by Greg Shultz for TechRepublic.

By Greg Shultz

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