Inside the Commodore Pet 2001 vintage computer

Commodore Pet 2001

The Commodore PET 2001 was the first fully integrated computer from Commodore. It was based on the same architecture as the MOS/Commodore KIM-1 but provided a keyboard ("chicklet style"), tape drive and monitor all housed in a space-age case.

Erik Klein, vintage computer collector and Webmaster of Vintage-Computer.com, takes you inside the Commodore PET 2001.

Erik has graciously allowed us to republish his photos and descriptions. You can find a much more detailed description of Erik's Commodor PET 2001 and additional photos of the machine's in his collection on his Web site Vintage-Computer.com.

You can share your experiences with this and other classic computers using the disccussion link below this image, or on Erik's Vintage Computer Forums.

By Bill Detwiler

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