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Microsoft Expression Web: The Right Tool for the Job?

Expression Web integration with Office

One notable item missing from Microsoft Office 2007 is the venerable FrontPage HTML editor and Web site design tool. Over the years, FrontPage developed a reputation for allowing non-programmers to crank out somewhat nice looking, somewhat dynamic Web sites -- at the expense of industry standards and ugly HTML code.

Microsoft recently released Expression Web, which replaces FrontPage. Expression Web falls into the Expression family, aimed at Web designers and positioned between Office and Visual Studio. Expression Web can handle HTML, CSS, and ASP.NET pages, although its ASP.NET capabilities are rather limited. Although Expression Web has come a long way from its FrontPage roots, it still maintains much of the ease of use that allowed FrontPage to be used by so many new Web content creators.

As you can see from the installation options shown here, Expression Web integrates itself with Microsoft Office, showing that it's a replacement for FrontPage.

This gallery is also available as a PDF download. For a quick rundown of key facts, see "10 things you should know about Microsoft Expression Web."

By Justin James

Justin James is an OutSystems MVP, architect, and developer with expertise in SaaS applications and enterprise applications.