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Microsoft Project 2007 tutorial: Exporting an issue log to Excel

Issue log in Microsoft Project 2007

In my previous TechRepublic tutorial, I showed how to create an issue log in Microsoft Project 2007 using a custom table and view. When project issues are integrated with Microsoft Project, it enables you to associate the specific issue with a task on the project schedule. If the project schedule is developed using a deliverable oriented work breakdown structure, specific issues can be linked to the tasks supporting the project deliverable.

In order to share the issue log with other stakeholders, you may have to put the file in a different format for clients who do not have Microsoft Project installed. There are a variety of tools available to view a Microsoft Project file without having the program installed; for instance, a Microsoft Project viewer such as Steelray or Seavus Project Viewer can be used to read these files. Another option is to distribute the Microsoft Project file as a PDF using a PDF writing tool such as pdf995, which will allow you to print and share the issue log.

These solutions work well, but they still require additional software to be installed. The preferred solution is to export the issue log into a Microsoft Excel format so it can be easily shared.

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