Microsoft's iPad battle plan for partners

iPads in the enterprise: How do you....

Microsoft has come under a constant barrage of criticism for its failure to launch a real competitor to Apple's iPad. When the iPad initially seemed like a consumer-only-focused device, that was one thing. But now that Apple's slate is gaining real, measurable traction with enterprises, Microsoft -- and its partners -- have a real challenger on their hands. Microsoft and its OEMs are not expected to field the first credible iPad competitors until 2012, however, when Windows 8 machines hit the market. Until then, Microsoft and its partners will need to find a way to beat the "commercial slate PC" drum and look for ways to slip through cracks not being addressed by Apple. The following slides are from a PowerPoint deck Microsoft is making available to its partners as part of its strategy to help them try to sell Windows 7 slates against the iPad in 2011.

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