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Photos: 10 new data storage solutions that push form factor boundaries

Intel SSD 750 Series

From the enterprise level to the consumer level, the 10 data storage solutions featured in this gallery push the boundaries of existing form factors, and introduce new ones.

Intel's SSD 750 Series is among the first to offer NVMe signaling on PCI Express 3.0, and the specifications clearly indicate the advantages. The 400 GB model reaches speeds of 2,200 MB/s read / 900 MB/s write, whereas the 1.2 TB model reaches speeds of 2,400 MB/s read / 1,200 MB/s write. Available in half-height, half-length PCIe cards, or 2.5" 15mm drives, the drive delivers the same performance in both configurations. The 2.5" SKU is hot-swappable, and uses the new U.2 (formerly SFF-8639) connector, which is used in enterprise- and enthusiast-grade products.

Image: Intel

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