Photos: 10 privacy apps that help mobile users feel safer

​Exodus Privacy

One of the biggest concerns for mobile device users is what apps are doing in the background. Plenty of apps have hidden trackers that could compromise your privacy and security, but how are device owners to know which apps are safe?

Exodus Privacy, available only for Android, can help clear up the confusion. Once installed, it checks Android devices for installed apps and compares them to Exodus' database of app scans.

The Exodus Privacy app isn't a scanner itself, but it is still a great tool for privacy-conscious Android users. If an app you have installed doesn't present information, you can send it to Exodus for analysis on its website.

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Image: Exodus Privacy

By Brandon Vigliarolo

Brandon writes about apps and software for TechRepublic. He's an award-winning feature writer who previously worked as an IT professional and served as an MP in the US Army.