Photos: Wacky 3D printed phone accessories you need to buy

3D printed phone cases

Phone accessories remain one of the most popular things people are making and selling with inexpensive 3D printers. From fancy cases to sound amplifiers, there are plenty of inventive and eccentric designs, colors, and materials to choose from, and they are often much cheaper than buying them at the store. And you don't have to have a 3D printer to buy them. Shapeways allows you to customize and order whatever you want, then have it shipped directly to you.

Most of the phone accessories on Shapeways are for iPhones, but the diversity of designs and gadgets being uploaded is growing every day. This phone case was designed on Adobe Photoshop and printed by Shapeways.

Image: ptrani/Shapeways

By Lyndsey Gilpin

Lyndsey Gilpin is a former Staff Writer for TechRepublic, covering sustainability and entrepreneurship. She's co-author of the book Follow the Geeks.