Photos: HP looks at future tech

A wearable camera is one idea to come out of the "casual capture" program at Hewlett- Packard's Bristol labs in the UK.

One of the latest prototypes consists of a camera integrated into the center of a pair of sunglasses that can simultaneously capture 1.3- megapixel stills at 7.5 frames per second and 0.3- megapixel video footage at 30 frames per second.

The data is stored on a processing unit worn around the waist that can store three hours of footage on its two 20GB disk drives.

The camera is continuously recording footage but the user presses a button on the processing unit when something of interest happens that they want to capture. At this point the machine saves the previous 20 seconds and the next five minutes of camera footage. There are currently no product plans for this device.

Andy McCue

By Bill Detwiler

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