Photos: Suit up for business travel with these carry-on bags

PLIQO Carry-On Bag from PLIQO London Ltd

The PLIQO carry-on features two full-width external pockets, grab-handle, and shoulder strap, in addition to three internal pockets and was designed with a business travelers' suit in mind, because it packs down a suit to the size of a laptop bag.  It's also the smallest of carry-ons featured, it has a  footprint of just 16" x 12" and weighs around 2.5 lbs.

A US-patented folding garment-hanger allows it to pack down to about half the size of most shoulder-slung garment bags, said Patrich Tatham, director, PLIQO London Ltd. 

"Many frequent fliers already have favorite cabin luggage," Tatham said, "and the PLIQO bag was designed to fit in all kinds of other cabin cases and bags. We don't expect our customers to change out their favorite bags just to be able to use our PLIQO Bag. This is a great advantage, as we don't feel we are competing with the giants of the industry."

"We not only worked with two expert design consultancies to get the hangers and soft-bag just right, we also spent a year testing prototypes with real-life business travelers to iron out any problems with our initial designs," he added. "The aim was for a garment bag with enough versatility to accommodate tech items such as laptops and tablets, chargers and cables (or shirts, underwear, ties etc).

Tatham admits they need to broaden the product range, "we are working on a rugged variant for active commuters (e.g. cyclists and runners) and a bag specifically for women travelers. We are also looking at a slightly larger 'overnight' version that will use the same space-saving technology, while accommodating a wash-kit and shoes alongside the familiar tech-related items."

A little help from friends: "We decided to use crowdfunding to launch the bags,  it was a perfect way for us to 'prove the concept' to the UK and international market. More than a third of our initial backers were in the US."

Available PLIQO, the Grommet, Amazon UK, $215 USD.

Image: PLIQO

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