Photos: The 10 most innovative states in America

1. Massachusetts

Using 24 metrics across two key dimensions--human capital and innovation environment--WalletHub identified the following 10 states as the most innovative.

Human capital considered factors such as the amount of STEM professionals in the state, the share of science and engineering graduates, and projected STEM-job demand by 2020. Innovation environment included the share of tech companies in the state, research and development (R&D) spending per capita, and R&D intensity.

Using each state's weighted average across all metrics, the report ranked the states based on their "State Innovation Index" score.

  • WalletHub State of Innovation Index: 72.31
  • Human Capital Rank: 2
  • Innovation Environment Rank: 1

Image: iStockphoto/Sean Pavone

By Macy Bayern

Macy Bayern is a former Associate Staff Writer for TechRepublic. She is a graduate from the University of Texas at Austin's Liberal Arts Honors Program.