Photos: The 16 most professional cases for the iPhone

Dog & Bone: Backbone wireless charging case

Finding the ideal case for your iPhone can be tricky. You want to look business-like, but once you get past basic black or tan, it's easy to look tacky. Don't be that professional who carries a phone case unsuitable to pull out at work. Flowers and sparkles on your phone case cease being cute once you're older than 13. And unless you're a rad developer who just created the latest software for EA Games, you really don't need that Green Lantern case.

With that in mind, here are 16 of the most professional cases on the market for the iPhone, starting with Dog & Bone's military-tested wireless charging case. The charge pad allows for wireless charging, and additional batteries are available so that a full charge is available if you're in the field and need extra power.

Image: Dog and Bone

By Teena Maddox

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