Photos: The Windows 10 laptops, 2-in-1 PCs and phones heading your way

Microsoft released its Windows 10 operating system in July and new machines running the OS are coming out thick and fast.

To coincide with the IFA conference in Berlin last week a rash of new and refreshed PCs, tablets and phones running the OS were unveiled.

Here's a look at the Windows 10 devices that will soon be available.

Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 260

Lenovo's longstanding hybrid PC range gets a hardware update for its Windows 10 outing.

The convertible PC, whose hinge allows the keyboard to be folded back a full 360 degrees to form a tablet, will include a processor based on Intel's new Skylake architecture.

Available in a variety of specs, the 12.5-inch machine will offer a display with a resolution of up to 1,920x1,080-pixels and up to 512GB solid-state drive.

Also available will be the 14-inch ThinkPad Yoga 460, which weighs 3.9 pounds, has a display with a resolution of up to 2,560 x 1,440 pixels, a 1TB hard drive or 256GB SSD, and dedicated graphics, up to the Nvidia GeForce 940M chip.

Both machines also feature optional LTE wireless antennas and a powered stylus called the ThinkPad Pen Pro, which can recharge when plugged into the slot built into the side of the chassis.

The 12.5-inch ThinkPad Yoga 260 will start at $949, while the 14-inch Yoga 460 starts at $1,049.

Image: Microsoft

By Nick Heath

Nick Heath is a computer science student and was formerly a journalist at TechRepublic and ZDNet.