Photos: Top 10 cybersecurity issues to watch in 2016

"The Internet is a chimera," according to Andrew Chen, associate professor of computer science at Minnesota State University, Moorhead. "It starts out seeming powerful, then it becomes seductive, and then it becomes dangerous." It's hard to argue with Dr. Chen's view of the current internet, and 2016 looks like more of the same, if not more so. Here are some reasons why.

1: Cyberespionage by nation states will escalate.

The Tallinn Manual, written by 20 cyberdefense experts and published by Cambridge University Press, defines cyberespionage as "An act undertaken clandestinely or under false pretenses that uses cyber capabilities to gather information with the intention of communicating it to the opposing party."

What 2016 will bring is more of the "cloak and dagger" spy stuff. Nation states will be spying on everybody on the planet. The gathered data will be used for economic advantage and as digital weaponry in geopolitical conflicts.

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By Michael Kassner

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