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Photos: Top 10 vacation gadgets

A summer getaway is a great way to disconnect yourself from work, but you may want to stay connected to your entertainment. CNET Reviews has picked out 10 devices that give you access to all your favorite things while you're away. A few of them can even stay at home and deliver your entertainment to you. Bon voyage.

1. Sling Media Slingbox

This is one piece of gear that can stay at home. The $200 Slingbox streams live TV--and your TiVo'd shows--from your home to any Web-connected Windows PC or Windows Mobile device in the world. And that means you can watch live baseball when you're in Belgium, your hometown news in Hawaii, and "American Idol" in Azerbaijan. All you need is a Wi-Fi hot spot, a Slingbox and a laptop or a Windows Mobile phone. And an excuse for vacationing in Azerbaijan.

Sling Media

By Bill Detwiler

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