Photos: Vertical mice and other input oddities

Who says a mouse has to lie flat on a desk? You might not see these as often as your garden-variety mouse, but a few oddball peripherals are giving real relief to frequent computer users.

With an eye to battling the growing number of repetitive stress injuries (RSI), Active Release Techniques has released a mouse that eases the strain on users' hands. The company says its Zero Tension Mouse helps prevent RSI by allowing muscles in the hand, arm and neck to relax.

The mouse's scroll wheel and button sit atop the device, not unlike the fire button on a gaming joystick. Two buttons, equivalent to the left and right buttons on a regular mouse, are positioned on the side.

For more pictures of mice with design flair, and other innovations in input devices, check out Logitech's updated mice with customizable buttons and scroll wheels.

Active Release Techniques

By Bill Detwiler

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