Photos: Who's watching you? Farnborough 2014 drones and UAVs

The destructive power of drones frequently puts this type of technology in the news but not all of them are designed to deliver missiles. Other uses for UAVs - or unmanned aerial vehicles - range from search and rescue, surveillance, to aerial targeting and aeronautical research.

A number of these craft were on show at this week's Farnborough Airshow in the UK - and this image shows the 90kg turbojet-powered flapless Demon, which was developed by Cranfield University, BAE Systems and the University of Manchester as part of the five-year FLAVIIR project to develop a maintenance-free UAV that incorporated novel technologies.

The Demon successfully completed two flights and became the first representation of a full-size aircraft to achieve controlled roll manoeuvres without moving control surfaces. Instead of flaps, the Demon manoeuvred using fluidic devices that exploited the Coanda effect.

Image: Toby Wolpe/TechRepublic

By Toby Wolpe

Toby Wolpe is a senior reporter at TechRepublic in London. He started in technology journalism when the Apple II was state of the art.