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PlayStation Move motion controller teardown

Cracking Open the PlayStation Move motion controller

In September 2010, Sony released the PlayStation Move motion and navigation controllers--hoping to duplicate Nintendo's success with the Wii's motion control Remote. But unlike the "Wiimote," the PlayStation Move controller works in conjunction with the PlayStation Eye camera, which tracks the movement of the controller's large, LED-lit ball. Another difference is the PlayStation Move motion controller's rechargeable Li-ion battery, compared to the Wii remote's two AAs.

The PlayStation Move motion controller is very easy to disassemble. All you need it a Phillips #0 screwdriver. Unfortunately, most of the internal components are soldered to the controller's main PCB. With the exception of the battery, the PlayStation Move motion controller doesn't have many user-serviceable parts.

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Photo by: Bill Detwiler / TechRepublic

Caption by: Bill Detwiler

By Bill Detwiler

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