Protect your business data with five BYOD security apps

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Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) will help to not only empower your employees; it will save your company's bottom line. Without having to purchase extra hardware, that budget will be freed up for other crucial elements of business. But along with BYOD comes a wealth of concerns – one of which is security. Not only do you risk having your network compromised, you run the risk of seeing sensitive data lost as devices are lost or used improperly on your network.

How do you prevent data loss and a compromised network? That is simple – with some planning and the right tools. I have found five must-deploy tools to help secure your company's BYOD experience. Although these tools won't suit everyone's needs and platforms, they will give you a solid understanding of what you need to secure your company's BYOD platform.

Five apps

1. Packetfence

Packetfence is one of the finest Network Access Control tools you will find. This open source solution allows you to control who/what/when/where can use your network. All of those BYOD devices that will be joining your network can be registered and controlled.

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