Raspberry Pi Zero W photos: A closer look at the $10 computer

Now with Wi-Fi

The Raspberry Pi Zero W is one of the smallest and cheapest computers available.

While the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B is already highly affordable, selling for about $35, the Pi Zero W cuts that price by two-thirds.

Not much bigger than a stick of gum, the Zero W is the Pi 3's less powerful but more affordable little brother, capable of being used as a media center, retro-games console, acting as the brain of robots and drones, or, at a push, as a general-purpose desktop computer.

The board is an update to the Raspberry Pi Zero, taking the base board and adding support for 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0, making the computer far more useful out of the box.

By Nick Heath

Nick Heath is a computer science student and was formerly a journalist at TechRepublic and ZDNet.