Rio 2016: 10 apps to help you stay up to date with the summer Olympics

​Official Rio 2016 app

Some athletes have already begun competing, which means the 2016 games are upon us! The opening ceremony is only a day away--are you ready to keep up on all the breaking records and medal celebrations?

Here are 10 apps to get you in the Olympic mood, starting with the official app for this year's games.

The official Rio 2016 app has all the stuff in it that you need to follow the Olympics, at least passively. You can get news updates, video, medal counts, and notifications for favorite countries, sports, and athletes. The only real bummer about the app are the real time updates: it just opens a browser window to the news stream at

Get the official Rio 2016 app on iOS and Android.

Image: TechRepublic/Brandon Vigliarolo

By Brandon Vigliarolo

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