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Meetings can be the bane of everyone's existence - especially when you are not physically present for the proceedings. But just because you can't physically attend the meeting doesn't mean you can't participate in the meeting.

If you search "online meeting" with your favorite search engine you will find plenty of possible tools to help you set up and create an online meeting that remote users can attend. Some of these applications are actually quite good; however, many of those tools have a fee attached to them. But when you want to set up an impromptu meeting, or only need the occasional online meeting, you may not want to pay for the service.

In my search for reliable and free online meetings tools I found four that are actually very serviceable for just about any instance: for full-blown meetings, for instruction, or even for support. In this document, I am going to highlight each these free alternatives and, in the end, point to the one which stands out as a clear favorite.

Mikago is screen sharing application that allows you to easily invite users into your desktop where you can whiteboard, share, schedule, record, playback, transfer files, copy/paste, pause, and much more.

I found this particular tool to be a great tool for meetings that focus on the PC, its use, or an application's use. The whiteboard feature of Mikago draws directly on the desktop, instead of using an application whiteboard for the task. You can also select which applications you want your attendees to be able to see or not see. This is one of the features unique to Mikago and allows a presenter to open up applications outside the scope of the presentation without the users seeing them.

Mikago does require the installation of an application that will reside in your system tray. This allows you to quickly and easily start and stop meetings right from your desktop.

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